Steps to install "interval based speed enforcement" on the Malahat moving forward


Could cameras to help with speed enforcement be coming to the Malahat?

The CRD Traffic Safety Commission is proposing the idea of installing the interval based speed enforcement tool as a way to make the highway safer.

“It would be fixed cameras at the entrance, middle, and end of the Malahat where photographs would be taken, explained Commission Chair Colin Plant on CFAX. “If you were able to make it through a certain section of the highway in a very short period of time that would only be achieved through speeding, then you would receive a ticket."

The commission is asking the CRD and CVRD (Cowichan Valley Regional District) to make a joint request to the province to install the speed cameras in a test pilot study.

“There is not any design of technology that we have in mind, we are emphatic to people wanting to get home safely.

Plant thinks a NDP government with John Horgan would be interested in getting on board with the idea.

On Wednesday, the CRD Transportation Committee will discuss the Safety Commission's proposal.

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