Stolen dogs returned


Good News for a Saanich dog owner who had his pets stolen in broad daylight.

The two large dogs stolen from the sidewalk outside a Saanich grocery store have now been reunited with Jon Heslop, their owner.

The incident happened Saturday around 6:30 p.m., after Heslop tied his two dogs to the handrail outside Save-on-Foods on Shelbourne Street.  

Heslop says he saw a man petting his dogs before he went into the store and when he came out both his dogs were gone.
I had an instinct and I stopped to read the flyer and I talked to the guy, I said they're nice dogs and he said "oh ya" I went in quickly and when I came back out they were gone."

A woman says she saw a man running south on Shelbourne Street with the dogs. 

Heslop reported the incident to Saanich police. Staff Sergeant Chris Horsely says they tracked the suspect to the University of Victoria. "University of Victoria security located a man last night with two dogs, but they weren't aware of the theft at the time."

The older dog named "Biggs" was found by a good samaritan and returned first. The German shepherd cross named "Arrow" was found around noon Sunday and returned to Heslop as well.
"I'm shocked someone would do that in broad daylight, just unclip the dogs and walk off with them like they were your own."

Heslop says he will be extra careful with his dogs in the future and will be training them not allow anyone else to handle their leashes.

Saanich police are still looking for the dog thief and will be reviewing surveillance at the store and at the university to try and apprehend the dog napper.

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