Suspended legislative officials respond to BC Speaker's bombshell report

The two men at the centre of a bombshell report from the B.C. Speaker are responding to the allegations that raised serious questions about their spending.

Craig James and Gary Lenz, clerk of the legislature and sergeant-at-arms, both say they have done nothing wrong, 

In an e-mailed statement, Craig James writes, "I maintain, as I have all along, that I have not done anything wrong which justifies the actions that have been taken against me, or the unfair and prejudicial manner in which those actions have been taken."

Lenz writes that he responded to every allegation outlined in the report last month, and that he has committed no wrongdoing.

He continues, "The negative impact this has had on me and my family is immeasurable." 

Lenz adds, "Over the past 13 years of service to the people of British Columbia, I have been ethical, honest, fiscally responsible, trustworthy and non-partisan. I have not acted in a manner unbecoming to the office of the Sergeant-at-Arms."

James and Lenz were suspended in November following allegations of what the B.C. Speaker called "flagrant overspending."

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