Tent City and homelessness top CFAX Newspoll as biggest story in Victoria for 2016

According to CFAX listeners who took part in our year end news poll this past weekend, the biggest story in Victoria in 2016 was "Tent City and homelessness".

Monday on CFAX, Ryan Price asked Mayor Lisa Helps if that was also shared by city staff as the biggest story of the year.

"Yes, tent city was certainly a big challenge for the first eight months of the year without a doubt.  It was a challenge for the people living there, a challenge for the people living around there and a challenge for the council, because everything we did pr didn't do somehow got tied to tent city."

Helps says the good that came out of Tent City is that it wrapped up peacefully, and it raised awareness about the issue of homelessness and significant investments in housing were made as a result.

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