The future of Swartz Bay ferry terminal up to public consultation

BC Ferries Swartz Bay terminal is undergoing a public consultation process to determine what passengers want at the terminal.

The terminal was last updated in 2006, when the old marine structures were replaced and a counter-weighted ramp lift system was installed.

Mark Wilson, vice president of strategy and community engagement at BC Ferries said they want to hear from their customers what they need.

“We don’t want to predetermine what our customers want,” Wilson said. “We’re looking for their input from small stuff to big stuff. Everything is on the table in engagement in terms of their input on what their needs are or what they feel the Swartz Bay terminal should be determined into.”

Wilson said they’re open to hearing any ideas in terms of the terminal’s future.

“Besides safety and reliability one of the elements that we’re focused on at BC Ferries is the overall customer experience,” Wilson said. “What their needs and expectations? What are their wants? What is their vision? What do they need or expect for food offerings? What do they need or expect for places to sit? Do they want green spaces; do they need kid’s play areas?”

The planning will occur in three stages, according to Wilson and the earliest construction can expect to begin will be in two years’ time.

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