The Homeless Campers Will Stay On The Property In Saanich AS A Solution Is Sought

An arrangement has been met between the homeless campers, and the owner of the property they have moved to.

Sam Seera, the owner of the property, and Chrissy Brett, the leader of the encampment, met and had a discussion, to determine plans for the future, and how they could help each other.

Seera says he is sympathetic to the cause, and after discussing it with Brett, he wants to lend his support.

He said they "We had a really nice chat, heart to heart.  And she understands my position, and I understand hers. And I said let's work on this together, right now we've been working against each other.  Let's, her and I, find a place for them, a proper place.  And that's what they deserve,, that's what they need."

He says they can stay until an arrangement has been made for them to move to a different space.

Brett says she would like the government to set the homeless campers up with something similar to the accommodations made for the homeless campers in Nanaimo.

"We ask that the government, similar to Nanaimo, find land somewhere in the Greater Victoria Region where people can be, something similar to Regina Park with more government supports to allow people to be somewhere 24 hours a day, not just 12 to 14 hours overnight and having no where to go and being continuously pushed and moved around."

Brett says that the shelter offered earlier this week, by the Victoria Native Friendship Centre, was not adequate for many of the campers, and that it would still be closed during the day.

Together, they want to work with the Province, municipalities, communities, and the public, to find a place to set up in a more permanent spot.

Seera initially agreed with Brett that the campers would leave by Saturday, but he says they may be able to stay longer, as they try to find a solution for these campers, but Brett says they still plan on leaving by the 20th.

Meanwhile, the District of Saanich has started investigating the encampment to see if it violates a zoning bylaw, and the police are looking into the Trespassing Act and Residential Tenancy Act.  The Police Department has also issued a press release, saying they will continue to monitor the situation, and respond to any calls regarding the camp.

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