Thieves nabbed nabbed in Oak Bay with stolen property and drug paraphernalia

    Oak Bay Police say the latest arrest they made serves as a reminder for people to lock their vehicle doors.

    At about 3:40 this morning Police got a call of suspicious activity near Kings Road.  Officers attended and found two suspicious males on bicycles.  The men, aged 27 and 29, were arrested.  A search turned up a great deal of stolen property along with heroin drug paraphernalia.  The stolen items were mainly smaller electronic items such as lap tops. 

The males also had property on them which indicates they had recently broken into vehicles in Langford.  The West Shore RCMP are assisting in that aspect of the investigation.  Charges of Possession of Stolen Property and Breach of Probation are being recommended.

The public is reminded to lock their vehicle doors as most, if not all, of the stolen property appears to have been taken from unlocked vehicles.

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