Time to freeze or reduce Ferry fares?


It's been a couple of weeks since B.C.'s new Transportation and Infrastructure Minister, Claire Trevena, said key election promises related to BC Ferries would be fulfilled.

Friday drivers using the Port Mann and Golden Ear bridges no longer have to pay a toll to cross prompting  B.C. Ferry Coalition's Jef Keighley to say now is the time for the government to move on Ferry fares and he says they should look to Washington State as an example.  "Don't make one group because of where they work and live and contribute to the Provincial economy that's not fair and it's not what they do just across the border in Washington State on average their fares are 20 to 30 percent cheaper than BC Ferris."
The NDP's election platform called for the freezing of fares on major routes and a 15 per cent reduction of fares back on minor routes. 

It also promised that seniors would travel free during the week.

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