Together Against Poverty seeing seniors and families sleeping in cars

Talk of changing bylaws in Victoria to allow people to sleep in their cars both pleases and saddens Kelly Newhook, the executive director of Together Against Poverty Society.  Newhook  says it's disappointing that we've come to a point in Victoria that this move must be considered.

And she says it's not a new issue - it's just gotten worse:

"It's sad - we've seen seniors who are been sleeping in their cars, couples, like senior souples that are sleeping in their cars. We've seen families that we know are sleeping in mini vans. Like this is unacceptable."

Newhook says low vacany rates and high rents, combined with low income assistance and disability rates are pushing more and more people into poverty, illness and homelessness. She notes income assistance has been at $610 a month for the last decade.

Victoria City Council will consider a motion Thursday to allow people to sleep in their cars when the vacancy rate is 3% or lower.

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