Tourism officials drop tag line from advertising because of similarity with beer promo

Copy writers for Destination Greater Victoria will go back to the drawing board after a tag line they developed turned out to be too close to that of a popular beer company.  

The new tag line, “Oceans apart from ordinary,” was eerily similar to beer maker Heineken’s “Oceans apart from the ordinary” in a 1970s print-ad campaign, so the tourism group is scrapping the tag line.

Paul Nursey, chief executive officer of Destination Greater Victoria, says the beer company's was not used in a tag line, but in ad copy.

"We could have run with, legally and any sense of owning it from a brand perspective, we could have just kept going.  So, we took a couple of days to think about it and made a decisive call that no, we would like to have something of our own."

Destination Greater Victoria had hoped the new organization name, which replaced Tourism Victoria, and tag line would better reflect the region and the organization tasked with marketing it.

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