Trashed kitten has long list of people wanting to adopt her

People are lining up to adopt a 7 week old kitten tossed into the trash inside a zipped up shaving bag at Hillside Mall last week.

When found the black and white female kitten was also suffering from coordination issues, which a vet determined was due to methamphetamine she had somehow ingested.

Animal Control's Manager and senior officer, Ian Fraser, says the kitten's story has generated a lot of interest:

" Yeah, there's a high interest on that. I don't think we've had any animal that's had as high interest, it's really amazing."

Fraser says there is a long list of people wishing to give her a home, but she can't be adopted out until she gains weight, and is old enough to be spayed.

" So this kitten hasn't been spayed, so she's going to be with us for a little while and to get some, you know, to start feeling better, gain some weight, before she's old enough or large enough that she can be spayed."

Fraser says they, and VicPd, are working on some information that may lead to a suspect -- but they are still asking the public to share what they know.

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