Two dogs stolen from grocery store at University Heights Shopping Centre in Saanich

Saanich Police is looking for two dogs reported stolen from the Save-On-Foods at McKenzie Ave. and Shelbourne Street on Saturday evening.

The dog owner told police he tied his dog to a handrail outside the grocery store at around 6:30p.m. and returned ten minutes later to find both his dogs missing.

Police say the owner noticed a man petting the animals before he went into the store and this was further backed up by a witness who saw the same man running south on Shelbourne  Street with the dogs.

The suspect is described as a white male in his mid-twenties, about 5'8 with a thin build and dark hair. He was seen wearing a blue shirt, blue jeans, dark sunglasses and possibly a "lumber jacket" style jacket.

One dog is a seven-year-old female German Shepherd of traditional colour with a tattoo in her ear and a dark brown collar and goes by the name "Arrow.”

The other dog is a 14 year-old wolf/coyote breed with mix colour fur, a black collar. He is half deaf but will respond to the name "Biggs."

Authorities say they did several sweeps of the area and conducted extensive patrols to no success.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Saanich Police department at 250-475-4321.


One dog, "Biggs" has been found near the University of Victoria. The German Shepherd remains missing.


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