Two teens saved from drowning at Thetis Lake by three paddle boarders


The View Royal Fire Department is applauding the work of three bystanders who helped to save two exchange students from drowning at Thetis Lake on Tuesday afternoon.

Fire Chief Paul Hurst says it happened on the east side of the park, where two 16 year-olds had jumped off the "sunny side cliffs" and were attempting to make it to a small island in the lake which is deceivingly far away.

“They started to get into trouble and that is when these people recognized it and started paddling over towards them, literally getting to them as this one kid was going under. I am pretty sure if he would have taken another mouthful of water he would have drowning.”

First responders then arrived at the lake shortly after at 1:47pm to find one of the teens in serious medical distress while the other teen was OK. They were both transported to Victoria General Hospital.

The three good Samaritans, two females in a paddle board and a male in small fishing boat both had left the scene without giving their names.

Hurst says they would love to be in contact with the heroes of the day.

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