(UPDATE) City of Victoria could move Crystal Pool

Victoria council is directing staff to take a second look at the Crystal Pool project -- admitting there are questions that should have been looked at, but weren't.

The review will include whether there is a different site to build the new facility.

The North Park neighbourhood pushed for the review saying they weren't properly consulted.

Allison Ashcroft is on the board, she's also a sustainability professional. She says council's motion will accomplish a few things:

"What the motion does is it ensures maximum park preservation, optimal siting of the new facility because it's now going to look at 4 different sites which they haven't previously looked at to make sure that where they are planning to put it is the best place to put it. And it's also going to look at best value for money for the community and the region."

Mayor Lisa Helps admits in hindsight,it would have been better to have done pool and park public engagement at the same time, and says council was too focused on the swimming pool and not the whole project.

Staff will report back in 2 months.

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