UPDATE: CRD's Wastewater Treatment Project takes over Niagara Street

James Bay residents living near Niagara Street are now dealing with six weeks of construction disruption.

The neighbourhood is being used as a staging area for assembly of a nearly one kilometre long sewage pipe that will be installed under the harbour to McLoughlin Point.

Elizabeth Scott is the deputy project director of the CRD's Core Area Wastewater Treatment Project. She says the project is ahead of schedule; the drilling of the 900 meter pipe hole under the harbour is complete.

The 12-meter long individual pipes will be welded together at the White Eagle Polish Hall.

"We've set up a temporary welding enclosure at the hall." says Scott. "Then the entire 940-metres of pipe will be laid out along Niagara Street. We're using that street because it's in perfect alignment with the tunnel."

Niagara will eventually be closed from Saint Lawrence to South Turner Street. For the moment, Niagara is closed from Saint Lawrence to Oswego.

There are a number of bus detours. BC Transit routes 2, 3 and 10 are affected.

Following the work along Niagara, construction shifts to Dallas Road.

For more information, click here: wastewaterproject.ca

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