Update: CRD Wastewater Treatment Centre

The CRD's Wastewater Treatment Project is about to go underground.

Like a massive metal earthworm, a nearly one kilometre long sewage pipe has been slowing growing in length along Niagara street.

Elizabeth Scott, Deputy Director of the CRD's Wastewater Treatment Project - says welding is complete and beginning Monday, April 16th, crews will actually pull the pipe across Dallas Road and into position to go underwater.

"I think it's going to be very exciting to watch. We'll be removing a section of the sandwall at Ogden Point, and theading the pipe into the tunnel and pulling it all the way through to Mcloughlin point in Esquimalt on other side."

Dallas road will be closed beginning Sunday, April 15th between Montreal and Simcoe for up to 72 hours.

Once operational, the system will carry wastewater from across the core area to the treatment plant, and residual solids to the Residuals Treatment Facility at Hartland Landfill.

The project pricetag is $765 million , with both the federal and provincial governments assisting the Capital Regional District in funding.

You can click HERE for updates, and for details on where it's safe to watch the latest phase of construction.

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