UPDATE: Homeless campers yet to vacate private property on West Saanich road after deadline

The homeless campers in Saanich are continuing to pack up but as of yet have not left the private property last night on West Saanich road.

Sam Seera, the owner of the property, had a written agreement with the camp leader, Chrissy Brett, saying that they would leave by the 12th.

“I explained that they had to go today(Friday), I made a promise to the neighbours that they would be gone. Rightfully so some of the neighbours are very concerned, been getting a lot of calls some not so nice. But I am doing the best I can.” Seera said.

This morning Seera said he was feeling relieved that this was coming to an end even though the campers remained on his property as of this morning. He stressed that he has done everything in his power to resolve this situation so that both parties could save face.

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