(UPDATE) Investigators say there are suspects in the 2017 murder of a Victoria man

Investigators looking into the murder of a Victoria man 2 years ago say they have identified suspects in the case, but are appealing for more information to solidify their case.

72 year old Richard Blair Young was last seen on video tape leaving his apartment building on February 8th, 2017. He was wearing a light jacket, and not prepared to be out long.  (Link to YouTube Video: https://youtu.be/k2OzrUD7ZwA )

His body was found in a forested, sloped area, off a rest stop at the Malahat Summit on March 2nd -- and search and rescue teams recovered his remains the next day.

Inspector David Hall of Vancouver Island Integrated Major Crimes Unit  tells reporters there are suspects in the case:

" Investigation has identified suspects in this investigation, and we believe that there are people who are close to the person or persons responsible for the homicide, who have knowledge of what happened to Blair. And we are asking those people to come forward and speak with our investigators." 

Hall says someone used the victims's bank and credit cards:

" Investigation has shown that following his disappearance, Blair Young's banking and credit cards were used fraudulently on Vancouver Island and in the Lower mainland. The fraudulent transactions on Blair's cards totalled in excess of $30,000, and we are currently investigating every aspect of that activity."

Hall says Young had no criminal ties, and describes him as a father and step-father who provided help and assistance to his loved ones, and is missed.

Investigators have still not released the cause of death.

Investigators are releasing the video of Young leaving his building and ask the public to come forward to help bring closure to Blair’s family.

Anyone with information, no matter how insignificant it may seem, is urged to call the VIIMCU information line at 250-380-6211.




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