UPDATE: Oak Bay Police find missing sheep

Good news on the 'sheep hunt' front.

Oak Bay Police posted on Twitter they have found the missing sheep.

"Its been returned to its flock. Our team of detectives will return to other pressing matters."

The sheep was found at Oak Bay High School.


Below is the story as posted May 31

Oak Bay Police are looking for a sheep.

“This is a stuffed sheep.”

Oak Bay Police Constable Sandrine Perry said they are looking for the animal that was stolen from a Beach Drive construction site.

“The construction site puts up different sheep little sheep and this big sheep,” Perry said. “This big sheep was just outside of their construction site and people would take pictures with it. Then somebody stole it and took off. “

Perry hopes this is just a prank and the sheep will be returned and said even though it's a stuffed sheep, it's still a crime to steal.

The suspect was driving a blue SUV, anyone with information is asked to call the Oak Bay Police department.

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