UPDATE: Possible human foot found in a hiking boot on Gabriola beach

A possible human foot has been found washed up on a beach in the Salish Sea.

RCMP say someone walking on a Gabriola Island beach Sunday spotted what appears to be a human foot in a log jam, still inside a hiking boot. 

But the BC Coroner's Service is being cautious, noting there have been hoaxes in the past using animal bones.

If the bones prove to be from a person it will be the 14th time in just over 10 years that a foot has washed up on or near Vancouver Island, the coast, and northern Washington State.

Most recently, last December, a foot was found at Jordan River with its fibula and tibia -- lower leg bones -- still attached. The foot was also still inside the Velcro-closure show belonging to the victim, who was later confirmed to be a 79-year-old Washington State man reported missing, and found deceased last fall.

The BC Coroner's Service says so far 8 feet washed ashore have been matched to 6 people, but none was the victim of foul play.  All had died accidentally or at their own hand.



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