(UPDATE) Possible measles exposure affects Selkirk Montessori School

There is another possible measles exposure -- this time affecting a Victoria private school.

CTV Vancouver Island has learned this latest case involved children attending the  Selkirk Montessori school.

Vancouver Island Health Authority confirms they are in the process of contacting parents of children attending the school to let them know children may have been exposed to measles last week.

Pacific Montessori Schools operates the Selkirk location, and Executive Director Penny Barner says she received an email from Vancouver Island Health Authority Sunday informing her a younger sibling of one of the students was "very likely to have been exposed" to the highly infectious disease.

Barner says VIHA protocols have been put in place, which includes ensuring unvaccinated students stay out of school for 21 days after exposure. At first it was reported 10 to 11 students were known to be unvaccinated, but Barner says the number is not actually known.

We do know that about 30 children have been advised to stay at home, and that some may be unvaccinated, while others need to verify their immunization records.

As well, a number of students have come from other provinces, or other parts of the world, which means those vaccination records must be confirmed by the health unit.  Once verified VIHA will give the family a letter saying it's okay to return to theVancouver  school.

Barner says student who are not allowed to come to school will be given work to do at home. Still, she acknowledges this will be hard on everyone involved, especially parents now faced with having to keep their children at home to ensure they show no symptoms of measles.

But she adds it's for the safety of students, as well as staff.


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