(UPDATE) Possible tuberculosis exposure at two Victoria hostels

Island Health is confirming someone with a confirmed case of tuberculosis stayed at 2 Victoria hostels early last month.

The health authority is not naming the hostels, but has sent letters to staff and visitors letting them know they may have been exposed, and need to get checked.

Individuals who may have been exposed will be offered TB screening.

Tuberculosis, also known as "TB," is a disease caused by a type of bacteria, which mainly infects the lungs, but can also affect other organs. It spreads when someone with untreated TB coughs or sneezes.

Health officials say while TB is contagious, the risk of contracting it are low as it spreads by close contact over long periods of time.

In 2017, there were 13 acute cases of TB for the whole health region.

For more information about TB, see https://www.healthlinkbc.ca/healthlinkbc-files/tuberculosis



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