(UPDATE) Saanich Police arrest man after two attempted carjackings

Saanich Police are investigating two carjacking attempts at about 8:30 Sunday night in the area of Douglas and Tolmie.

The first incident happened at an Gesso gas Station.  A driver had just gotten back into his car when a stranger opened the door and tried to force his way in. Several witnesses intervened and the would-be carjacker fled on a bike.

Not long after at the Tim Horton's next door, a father and his adult daughter were in their car when a man opened the door and assaulted the father. That caused the father to loose control of the vehicle, striking several other cars, a garden bed, a tree, and a retaining wall.

Witnesses were able to restrain the attacker until police arrived.  St. Julie Fast says investigators need to locate the first victim:

" During the first altercation at the Esso, the man with the black car -- and we think it might be a Toyota -- he drove away before we were able to get there. So we don't know who he is, and we really want to talk to him. We consider him  to be, kind of, the first victim of these 2 attempts. So if you are that person, or you know who that person is please let us know, because we really want to talk to them."

The father and daughter received only minor injuries. The 29 year old man arrested is known to police, and facing 2 robbery related charges.

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