(UPDATE) "Swim at your own risk" on Vancouver Island

Swimming Hole

If you are heading to an area beach be aware the usual testing for bacteria and other organisms in the water may not have been done.

That's because Island Health is no longer doing the sampling, and is working with governments and other agencies to perform the task.

According to a statement from Island Health they were the lone holdout among Health Authorities still doing sample collection.

Environmental health officers will focus on what the Health agency says are "more important things" such as drinking water assessment.

Island Health will still pay for analyzing of samples -- but are trying to arrange for governments to take the sample, and will train their staff as well.

The most recent report for South Island Beaches shows only 11 out of 36 beaches/lakes have been tested this season.

Results are not currently available for popular beaches like Elk, Beaver and Thetis Lakes, Cadboro and Cordova Bay, Island View, Gonzales, Willows Beach and more.

Meantime signs have gone up warning the public they swim at their own risk.

Island Health will continue to post results on their website, and will help determine a course of action where health standards are not met.

To check on the status of your favorite beach go to: https://www.islandhealth.ca/sites/default/files/si-beach-sampling-report-31july2019.pdf

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