(Updated) Climate protest aims to close down Johnson Street Bridge for a time around 5:30 pm Monday

A sit-in and candlelight vigil planned for late this afternoon could shut down the Johnson Street Bridge.

Rise and Resist! and Extinction Rebellion-Vancouver Island are planning the action to mark the annual UN Climate Change conference kicking off in Poland Monday.

In a news release the groups are trying to draw attention to what they say are governments in Canada continuing to buy pipelines, subsidizing fracking, clear-cutting rainforests and breaking what they call "even the most inadequate climate targets."

Activists says they will gather in Centennial Square, then march to the bridge for a sit-in and cadlelight vigil.

Organizer Keith Cherry says participants will block bridge traffic for twelve minutes, one minute for each of the twelve years left to address the climate crisis. 

The event will include a 2 minute moment of silence to acknowledge the depth of the climate emergency.

The acytivists say it's just the first action, in a graduated-escalation of local, non-violent, people-powered direct-action that will continue until dramatic climate action is taken.

Meantime VicPd has issued a statement reminding protesters that blocking a roadway as part of a protest is illegal.

Spokesman Bowen Osoko say police are required to ensure the safety of participants and the public should the anticipated event occur.

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