US Navy's futuristic stealth guided-missile destroyer arrives in Esquimalt harbour

A futuristic looking U.S. naval destroyer that left its homebase in San Diego Friday, has arrived in Esquimalt harbour as part of its first deployment.

The USS Zumwalt (DDG 1000) is a guided-missile stealth destroyer. It has an angular hull and superstructure design, and is 610 feet long.

It's billed as the lead ship of the next-generation multi-mission destroyers, designed to combat the threats of today, and those of coming decades.

In a news release Capt. Andrew Carlson told American media his crew has been looking forward to continued testing and operations at sea, adding the primary focus is building competence and confidence in operating Zumwalt across the spectrum of naval warfare.

There are no public viewings scheduled, but many residents watched the unusual vessel sail into Esquimalt harbour Monday afternoon.

The duration of the ship's stay, and future ship movements have not been released.

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