USWA official says 2 workers injured in Woss derailment will be okay

A union official says 2 workers injured in the derailment of a Western Forest Products train at Woss, north of Campbell River Thursday will be okay.

Jack Miller is the Safety Director for the United Steelworkers Local 1-1937.  He says one has undergone multiple surgeries on crushed legs and remains in hospital, while the second is now at home recovering from unspecified injuries.

But Miller says the tightly knit community is mourning the loss of the 3 man killed when a load of logs was spilled on top of them:

"We lost three, three fatalities. We have 2 that are both doing okay now. One had multiple surgeries on crushed legs, the other fellow is at home. So they are going to be okay.  And now we have to deal with the three fatalities and services etcetera, so.."

The victims' names have not been released yet, but Miller says were all good people:

"Three absolutely great individuals ranging from 20 to 62, and you couldn't meet better people."

Meantime dozens of first responders, company and union officials will attend a debrief today, where a critical incidents stress team will be on hand.

"All that's been in place for those individuals that need it, immediate family members as well as people that just know that. I mean it hits everybody that hard."

Several agencies are conducting investigations.  The RCMP are trying to determine if there is evidence of a criminal act or criminal negligence. Transportation Safety Board investigators are scouring the site for evidence and conducting interviews. Once they are done they'll decide whether a full investigation is warranted.  WorkSafe BC will also conduct a probe.

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