V2V begins testing trials this week


The new V2V Empress will begin trials Thursday as it prepares to launch harbour to harbour Ferry service May first.

V2V Vice President Nick Cheong says they'll be putting the boat and the crew through their paces to ensure the service is everything it's supposed to be. "Making sure we can deliver the level of service that the V2V brand wants to carry with it, but of course we cannot compromise on the safety aspects of the operation as well, the safety of our passengers is of the utmost importance."
If you want to try to get a glimpse of the V2V it will be tested in the Inner Harbour and along the coastline off the Dallas Road waterfront. 

The vessel will be situated at the Steamship Terminal Building at certain points of the week until the 24th. "There may be the occasional time when you will be able to see the vessel and of course one of our tests will be docking at the Steamship terminal wharf, so we may see the V2V come into the harbour and dock at some stage during its trials."

V2V will immerse guests in a premium experience focused on passenger comfort while providing them with the opportunity to spend the voyage learning about the rich culture in the region.

The first regular trip goes May first and leaves Victoria Harbour at two p.m. arriving at the Convention Centre in Vancouver at five thirty p.m.

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