Vancouver Island community in "shock" after train derails killing two


Runaway rail cars loaded with logs crashed into an unsuspecting crew of workers in the tiny northern Vancouver Island community of Woss Thursday morning.

Dave Rushton, the area's regional elected representative, says at one point this morning he thought his Grandson was one of the workers on the tracks when the logs spilled off the rail cars. 
"We were told our grandson was one of them,  we found out later after a tough morning that wasn't the case, which we are extremely happy about but we are just so concerned about the rest of the community our hearts go out to them right now."
Rushton was reluctant after his own experience to speculate on other injuries but he did say the Coroner has been called in.
"It's such a small community and everybody knows everybody like one big family so it brings everybody to their knees. There will be a healing period here so..."

Two people have been killed and 3 others suffered serious injuries. Rescuers spent much of the day Thursday trying to free the workers who were trapped under a pile of logs spilled from the train when it went off the rails.

Woss is a community of about two hundred residents and Rushton says there is a community meeting and vigil being held Thursday night to help explain the incident and for the community to share their grief.

The cause of the accident is under investigation.

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