Vancouver Island Liberal moving over to the Greens

After volunteering with the federal Liberal Party for 30 years, David Merner has decided to leave the party and move over to the Greens.

Merner, who ran in the Esquimalt-Sannich-Sooke riding for the Liberals in 2015, is disillusioned by how many promises the Liberals have broken.  He says the purchase of Kinder Morgan pipeline was the last straw.

He explains why he chose to flip to the Green party:

 " I do think that the Greens in terms of fiscal reponsibility, socially progressive, serious about the environment. I think there's a lot of similiarity witrh the federal Liberals in 2015." 

He says he would be interested in running in the next election for the Greens if an opportunity arises, but for now he is just happy to be working with them.

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