VicPd seek 36 year old man missing from cruise ship

Victoria Police are asking the public to be on the look out for a man missing from a cruise ship.

36-year-old man Lloyd Takana was granted a shore pass and left the cruise ship the Norwegian Pearl on Saturday -- June 2nd.   He was supposed to be back before midnight.  He may have been in the downtown Victoria area. Officers were called when his absence was noticed by staff.

Takana is described as Black, with a slim build, standing about 5'10" tall.  He has a shaved head.  While there is no precise information on what he was wearing when he left the ship, he was recently seen wearing a pair of modern flat sunglasses and a heavy silver neck chain.  We have a photo of him on our website. 

Call 911 if you see him, or if you have infoirmation call VicPd's non-emergency line (250-995-7654 ) or Crime Stoppers (at 1-800-222-8477).

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