VicPD warn of new scam targeting community organizations

There is yet another scam that VicPD are cautioning the public about in Greater Victoria. Officers are warning members of community organizations after receiving reports of "phishing" style email fraud attempts targeting various Victoria community associations this week.

The "phishing" emails in this latest round of fraud attempts appear to attempt to exploit the publicly available contact information for board and other staff members. In one attempt, the scammers spoofed the email address and name of a treasurer, and directed another staff member to make an online payment.

The astute members of this community organization spotted the scam and not only informed their staff, but those within the wider community association community. Members of community organizations are asked to speak with staff and colleagues about the threats.

A strong protection against the emails is to enact a policy of follow up over the phone confirmation and ensure your organization regularly reviews its finances and report any suspicious transactions to police.
For more information on "phishing" and other similar fraud attempts, please visit

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