VicPd warn public to double check second hand purchases


Victoria police are investigating a claim that a child ingested a needle that came out of a toy piano. 

A social media post shows a woman saying she bought the toy at the downtown Victoria Value Village.

The mother, who asked that she and her son not be identified, said she bought the toy piano at the downtown second-hand store Saturday. After cleaning it she gave it to the boy to play with. Shortly after the boy began screaming and she saw blood coming from his mouth and saw needles on the floor. 

VicPD Constable Matt Rutherford says police are investigating and it appears to be sewing needles or small screws are the culprits. "I'm happy he's going to be ok, we remind everyone to double check any second hand purchases. But because of the nature of donations it will be very difficult to move forward with the investigation unless anyone has any information." 

The young boy was taken to the hospital. The mother says she posted her story to social media to warn other parents who purchase children’s toys at the store.

Value Village say they take customer safety seriously and evaluate all items before they are sold. 

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