Victoria celebrates World Naked Bike Ride to raise awareness for cyclists' safety


Cyclists ditched their clothes and took to the streets of Victoria as part of the World Naked Bike Ride to raise awareness for cyclists' safety. 

World Naked Bike Ride, which started more than 12 years ago, is an unusual environmental protest against "car culture," the world’s dependence on oil and other non-renewable energy sources, and in defense of cyclists’ rights.

Victoria has taken part in the world wide event since 2004. Around the globe, riders from 70 cities in 20 countries participated.

Cyclists met at the Legislature and rode through the streets of downtown Victoria in the buff Saturday. "The idea that cyclists are invisible to people in cars really resonates with me and what better way to make ourselves visible than to just show it all and show how vulnerable riders are."

 Participants are encouraged to get “as naked as they are comfortable with but nudity is not required.

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