Victoria Chamber of Commerce supports horse-drawn carriage industry

Victoria Chamber of Commerce is letting Victoria Council know they want them to say "neigh" to Councillor Ben Isitt's motion to phase out horse-drawn carriages by 2023, and consider
e-carriages instead.

In the Chamber's latest edition of "Business News" they say Isitt's motion is just the latest in a long string of populist political moves that places "emotion ahead of reason."

The Chamber makes it clear they support the highest standards for animal welfare, noting the SPCA has done extensive work to confirm the health of the animals in Victoria and is not calling for a ban.

In fact, the SPCA has said a lot more homework is needed before council should consider motions like Isitt's.

The business organization urges council to acknowledge the exceptional care provided to horses by a business that has served visitors to Victoria since 1903 --  more than a century -- and reject Isitt's motion.

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