Victoria City councillor tweets concerns about casino proposal for downtown Victoria

One of Victoria's City councillors is dead set against a casino being developed in the downtown core.

Jeremy Loveday has been tweeting his opposition over the past few days, in light of a recent damning independent report on money laundering tied to BC casinos.

Loveday says although it’s been two years since the casino proposal was put forward for Victoria, the BC Lottery Corporation will be coming to council later in the year with the preferred operator and site.

Loveday says he remains cautious.

"I don't want to see this come forward at all until we see that the mess has been cleaned up and it’s been proven that these issues will be transferred to our downtown. When I look at the issues we're facing downtown, not having a casino is not one of them."

Loveday says he won't speculate where a casino might be built, but he says due to public opposition, Crystal Gardens is off the table.

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