Victoria city councillors urge province to license pot lounges

With the impending legalization of marijuana in this country, municipalities are scrambling to lay the groundwork of how and where it will be used.

The City of Victoria is preparing a list of recommendations it will forward to the province for consideration as it develops regulations governing the production, sale and use of pot.  One suggestion being raised is the need for designated areas where pot can be consumed, or pot lounges.

Councillor, Geoff Young says a move in that direction could present challenges.

"I assume we well may see cigarette smokers and cigar smokers coming into use those (lounges) as well.  And then that will raise all the issues we've faced in the past about second hand smoke and the safety of employees."

However, Dana Larsen, Director, Sensible BC and Vancouver Dispensary Society says there is no cannabis lounge that will allow you to use tobacco on the premises. He says cannabis users don't want to be mixed in with tobacco users.

Recommendations to the province include a licensing scheme to allow for designated consumption lounges with a model that takes into consideration the health and well-being of all users and employees.

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