Victoria Grumpy Taxpayer$ want answers on who should pay for more police officers

The Grumpy Taxpayers of Greater Victoria is calling on the provincial government to explain why taxpayers should have to pay to hire more police officers.

A February 26th decision by Tonia Enger, the Acting Director of Police Services, deemed proactive and preventative crime prevention work -- such as mental health and addictions outreach teams -- a necessity, not an option.

Enger ruled Victoria and Esquimalt must add 6 more officers.

But John Treleaven, 1st Vice-chair of Grumpy Taxpayers, says there are a few problems with that:

"The decision of the province effectively raises taxes in a jurisdiction that hasn't voted for them. And may, in this case, create a situation where police officers, even more than they have to do today, become social workers. That's not the responsibility of the police department in the city of Victoria, and it certainly looks alot like downloading."

Treleaven says social and health services are outside the policing and law enforcement mandate, and suggests the bill for such callouts be covered by VIHA or the Province.

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