Victoria Humane Society seeking surrogate dog moms

Calling all owners of nursing mother dogs!

The Victoria Humane Society is trying to find surrogate moms for a litter of 11 Golden Retrievers whose mother died during an emergency c-section.

Right now a Burnese Mountain dog nursing her own large litter of 9 pups has taken on the task -- but Executive Director Penny Stone says 20 puppies is just too many for one mother, and they need to  find help:

" I mean certainly we could bottle feed or tube feed these babies. But the ideal situation for us is for these babies to go on another mom, a nursing mom who maybe only has 2 or 3 puppies,and can 2 or 3 more. And we can kind of divvy up these puppies and make our mom, help our mom out a bit."

Stone is asking owners of nursing mother dogs -- preferably medium to large-sized breeds -- to contact the Victoria Humane Society through their website at

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