Victoria plastic bag ban goes into effect

It is not as exciting as a trade war or John Tavares signing with the Maple Leafs, but today Victoria's plastic bag ban went into effect.

The mood on the street was fairly positive towards the new ban coming into effect, owner of Cherry Bomb Toys B. Woodward said they are happy to make the change. "Every business is different right, some it is good for them and others not so much. As it stands we will start wrapping things in paper and get people to bring their bags, maybe we will even make Cherry Bomb Bags."

Mayor Lisa Helps thinks people will make the switch easier because the city has been working for a while to roll out this new plan. She wants people to take pride in using less plastic. "Really feel like a champion, if you remember your re-usable bag you are having a positive impact the environment and reducing the stress on the landfill."

Currently you can purchase paper bags for 15 cents for paper and 1 dollar for reusable bags which will go up to 25 cents and 2 dollars respectfully in a year. Mayor Helps says that the price increase is designed to make people think to on a greater scale, in how much plastic and waste they throw out on a yearly basis.

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