Victoria readying court application to have Gorge vessels removed


The City of Victoria says the final touches are being put on the work required to apply for Supreme Court injunctions to have vessels removed from the Gorge waterway.

Notices of relocation were issued in 2015, but city clerk Chris Coates says 18 vessels remain moored near the Selkirk Trestle and around eight of them are inhabited.

"We don't really have the same kind of authority on the water to remove vessels like we would parked cars. That's why we put so much front-end effort into trying to get voluntary compliance. Failing that, we're in a situation where the only remedy is to go to the Supreme Court and seek that injunctive relief."

Coates says the city has budgeted $120-thousand dollars for enforcement, and they've spent only a small portion of that total to date.

The city announced in mid-2014 it would pursue zoning regulations to ban long-term mooring in the Gorge. A zoning amendment was approved last February prohibiting vessels from mooring for more than 72 hours in a 30 day period.



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