Victoria's cold snap isn't over

Keep the scarfs, gloves and toques on hand, because Victoria's cold weather snap isn't over yet.

Temperatures have been, and are expected to stay, well below the seasonal average for most of March.

Armel Castellan, a Warning Preparedness meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada, says we started March the same way as we finished February.

"It's a freakish frigidness, very cold.  A signal that's 4 or 5 degrees colder than seasonal.  So although it's been warming up, it's been warming up at the same pace as it should have been warming up, and therefore we're really only seeing temperatures that are 5 and 6 degrees colder than normal, especially with our overnight lows, this March so far.."

He says the temperatures will stay below seasonal averages for the next two weeks, maybe even longer.

"So we have cold temperatures, especially overnight, and we're not going to quite catch up to seasonal values until we get to the third, maybe even the fourth week of March." 

He says the Capital Region can expect high's of 5 degrees, rising up to around 8 later in the week, but still very cold overnight lows with temperatures dropping below 0 degrees.

Although the temperatures are going to be cold, there will be plenty of sun.  Castellan says asides from a small chance of rain, or even flurries, on Wednesday, there will be very little precipitation in the upcoming weeks.

Castellan adds that last month was the 2nd coldest February on record both at the Gonzales station in Fairfield, and at the International Airport.  He says the Gonzales record dates back to the 19th century.

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