Victoria's New Year's baby delivered by father in couple's laundry room

A Victoria couple had a harrowing experience bringing their baby girl, and Victoria's first New Year's baby into the world early Monday morning.

The baby's birth came late and the couple had been out for New Year's Eve dinner with family.  They'd come home and settled into bed for the night when Elaine Tuit woke up with contractions. 

Rob Tuit got up and before he knew it, the couple was in the laundry room with him delivering the baby.  He called their doctor who told him to call 9-1-1.

"The dispatcher kind of walked me through it a little bit and said they were sending an ambulance and she was standing up at the time and said she felt like she had to push.  So, I laid her on the ground downstairs in the laundry room and pretty much almost instantly there was a head I could see, so yeah within a couple of pushes all of a sudden there is a baby in my arms."

Rob said a few minutes after, the ambulance showed up and took mom and baby to the hospital where they are doing well.

The Tuit's two year old daughter also helped with the delivery by fetching the laces from her Dad's shoes so he could tie off the umbilical cord.

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