Victoria's signature hanging baskets being hung for the 80th year

Victoria's famous hanging baskets are going up today.  It's the 80th year the signature floral decorations have been hung along city streets.  The spectacular baskets have become a symbol of the garden city.

Parks and Recreation Director, Thomas Soulliere,  says it was back in 1937 that then-Parks Administrator Herb Warren convinced city council to okay the program to celebrate a landmark year:

"It really is an incredible legacy,  I think, something that started out to celebrate Victoria's 75th year as an incorporated city has now carried on for 8 decades. It's really fantastic. It's quite a legacy for a city employee to have."

On  hand to hang the first basket this year was Warren's son Arthur, and granddaughter Amelia.  

Arthur says his father was dedicated to looking after Victoria and regional parks as well:

"It's nice to see the recognition because he did do a lot of work. He worked for the city for 40 years, and then with Butchart's Gardens for another 15 after he retired."

25-hundred baskets are being hung around Victoria featuring red and white flowers in honour of the nation's 150th celebrations.


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