Victoria SPCA Paws for a Cause event raises almost $53,000 -- just over goal

The SPCA's 'Paws for a Cause' raised just under $53-thousand, almost $3-thousand over the goal, but still not enough to pay for all the extra medical costs for 56 cats rescued from a local cat hoarder.

Spokesperson Annie Prittie Bell says the extra $3-thousand raised over the weekend went to pay for urgent dental surgeries for the 2 worst cats:

" We need to do some dental care for sure. We've had one with 10 extractions, one with 8, and as we go down the line we've prioritized hopefully our worst first. So hopefully we'll be taking out less teeth, but certainly lots of care that will be needed overall. 

28 more cats are in need of surgery which will adds thousands to the shelter's costs. Prittie Bell says if you are interested in helping, no amount is too small.  Donations can be made at the shelter, on line or by mail.

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