Victorians mesmerized by 90% solar eclipse despite lack of total darkness

    The solar eclipse of 2017 did not blacken the skies of Victoria as many expected, but with 90% of the sun blocked there were still some interesting phenomenon that observers noticed.  The skies did darken somewhat, casting an eerie light, and a breeze developed as the mooin began covering the sun.

    This man noticed the temperature drop and strange animal behaviour:

" The biggest thing I noticed, I think, was the temperature change. I was watching my thermometer at the heat pump outside it went down 3 degrees Celsius in a matter of a half an hour. I hd my little pin hole viewer out there in the backyard. The dog was acting weird, all the birds stopped chirping in the forest behind me around that 10:20 time."

     10:20 was when the eclipse reached its peak. Eclipse viewing parties were organized in many B-C communities to help people get a safe glimpse of the spectacle.

     Here in Victoria the University of Victoria hosted an event, and the Royal Astronomical Society was staked out on Mount Tolmie.

     This man went to up Mt. Doug, and says people were sharing their homemade devices with everyone:

" The people that were up there were so nice. A lot of people brought their handmade viewing things to look through, and they were sharing them around with everyone. It was good. I was happy that I went up there."

      If you missed it, the next total solar eclipse that can be viewed in this part of the world is in 2045 otherwise you can travel to Ontario/Quebec in 2024.   

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