Video of a disturbing road rage incident in Saanich receives thousands of views on Facebook

Video of a disturbing road rage incident in Saanich received thousands of views on Facebook within a hour of being posted.   It happened during the noon hour at the Ravine Way exit of the Saanich Plaza Mall.

The video shows an older white male in a white SUV get out of his a vehicle, force the door of the vehicle next to him open, and start punching the younger male inside.  He then pulls him out of the vehicle and a brawl ensues while other drivers honk, and finally one man intervenes to stop the fight.

Sgt. Jeremy Leslie says police received several calls and tracked down the 2 men involved:

"Officers from our patrol division attended and located 2 men who had been in a fight.  Each person provided a slightly different version of the events that had transpired shortly before the fight began.  A number of persons came forward and provided us with video of part of the incident."

Neither man wished to pursue charges, so police have closed the file.   But video of the brawl is receiving thousands of views and plenty of comments.

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