View Royal calls for a regional transportation strategy

View Royal council is asking for a meeting with the Ministry of Transportation and other mayors in the region to discuss how to address the increasing traffic issues impacting communities.

Mayor David Screech says Greater Victoria has been left out of funding in terms of transportation initiatives, and calls traffic one of the most important issues affecting communities:

" To me I think, other than housing, it's the most important issue. And it's tied to housing really, because all the time, because of the housing costs, we are sending people further and further west who then drive into the city core for work. So it's all interconnected, and we've got to work together to sort it out."

 Screech says the quality of life in some View Royal neighbourhoods is being negatively impacted by drivers using their roads as cut throughs, adding a vast amount of traffic comes through View Royal from the growing West Shore communities.

The mayor maintains Greater Victoria needs more attention and funding from the Province when it comes to transportation solutions:

" I think Greater Victoria has really been left out in terms of funding initiatives, I don't think anyone can argue with that. So definitely we need them to step up to the plate. But what we really need is some kind of cohesive, holistic look at regional transportation issues and a prioritized plan about what we need to do to get to those solutions."

Screech says reviving the E & N rail line is a "no brainer" to him, but he also thinks H-O-V lanes, incentives for carpooling, and staggered shift times for major employers like the Department of Defence all need to be looked at as the region's population grows.

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