View Royal looks at taking back the Helmcken Park and Ride for Transit users

View Royal Council is looking at how to free up more Park and Ride space for commuters who want to take transit to work -- including kicking out those who use them as parking spots and then walk to work nearby.

Councillor John Rogers says the Park and Ride on Helmcken Road is frequently used by people who work at Victoria General Hospital across the highway -- and that's not what it's for:

" The current use at Helmcken is inadequate. It's too small, it's not maintained that well.  And we also have an issue poeople who aren't going into town using it, such as hospital workers."

Mayor David Screech says some people are also using the Park and Ride as a meeting area for car pools, taking up more room meant for transit users.

Rogers is proposing council send a letter to the Ministry of Transportation asking that the Town be allowed to assume ownership, maintenance and signage of the Park and Ride.   They are also looking at expanding the area.

Council also wants to work with BC Transit to create a Park and Ride at the end of Atkins Rd. already being used by Transit users because there is so little available.

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