View Royal residents have list of concerns over proposed HandyDart bus depot/maintenance yard site

Residents living near the proposed site of a HandyDart bus depot and fleet maintenance yard in View Royal are telling councillors why they should say no to re-zoning the site.

The property is currently greenspace at 2401 West Burnside Rd and Watkiss Way.

Residents argue an industrial facility that would bring over 100 buses, employees and their cars, as well as the noise and environmental issues of a maintenance yard, is not compatible with their neighbourhood, a nearby salmon-bearing creek, and would increase traffic hazards for a nearby school and a crossing for the Galloping Goose trail.

Mayor David Screech says for those reasons, council is generally not supportive of the site:

"We certainly understand the need for the facility, and obviously Transit is a regional partner and we would like to be able to work with them. But there are concerns about things like exhaust, noise, the suitability of an industrial-type use so close to a residential area. So I think those concerns resonated with council."

The site is supported by BC Transit, the Greater Victoria Regional Transit Commission, and the Accessible Transit Advisory Committee.

A representative of the latter group hopes to sway council's opinion by focussing on the benefits View Royal would enjoy if the project proceeds.

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